Profiles, tubes and sections profiles

Extrusion Capacities:

Number of extrusion Lines = 9
Lowest Power of extrusion Press = 1.600 Tons
Highest Power of extrusion Press = 2.500 Tons
tubesMaximum Diameter of extruded profile = 225 mm
Total extrusion capacities = 70.000 tons
List of alloy available for extrusion = 6060, 6063, 6463, 6005, 6082.
AlMgSi0.5 F13, F17, F18, F22 AW-6060 T4, T5, T6, T64, T66
AlMgSi0.5 F25 AW-6063 T4, T5, T6, T64, T66 AlMgSi1 F21, F28, F31 AW-6082 T4, T6

Thermal-break-insulationThermal break insulation

We have two assembling lines with quality NF certification label. These are our dimension capabilities:
  • Maximum length profile: 7.000 mm
  • Maximum profile wideness: 225 mm
  • Maximum profile tallness: 230 mm

powder-coatingPowder coating

(Qualicoat label quality):

Length limits of 4.500 mm to 7.500 mm.

RAL 9010 Spanish, RAL 9010 foreign, 9016, 9001, 8019, 6009, 1015, and the rest of the RAL and non RAL colours.

Our quality is certified by Sea Side quality label.

* Protection face view with double plastic


Length limits of 2.000 mm to 8.000 mm.

Electro Colouring up to 25μ.

Physical Treatment: sandpaper matt, polished, polished up and gloss.

Range of items: Silver, Bronze, Black, Gold, Bordeaux, Inox , Blue-Gray.

wood-imitationWood imitation

(Qualicoat label quality)

Profiles of 4.500 mm to 6.600 mm.


Minimum cutting length is 20mm.


Maximum machinable length 7,5 linear meter